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Propads Knee mats are perfect for people who suffer with sore knees whilst kneeling or for those who will spend long periods of time on their knees.

Perfect for work or home you can use our knee mats indoors or outdoors in any weather.

You may have bought pads for your knees in the past only to find the very rigid foam offering little or no comfort. In fact, a minute into using them you feel you're kneeling on bare concrete. Well not anymore!

Using a high impact absorbent foam your knee mat will cushion your knees allowing you to carry out your work in comfort for much longer. The durable PVC fabric cover is very durable and tear resistant.

Propads Knee mats can be used for gardening, DIY, shop work, healthcare, cleaning, factories, garages and in fact anywhere that kneeling is required for any amount of time!

They can also be used as cushions for sitting on, making an excellent seat! You're on site or in the garden and want to take a 5 minute break, simply sit on your Knee mat. They really are that comfortable!

They are so easy to keep clean! The PVC fabric can be simply wiped down*. Both the PVC fabric and foam are fire retardant.

Sizes, Colours:

Propad Knee mats come in 2 thicknesses and several different colours:

The Green, Purple, Black & Mid Blue knee mats are 50cm (19.5 inches) x 21cm (8.3 inches). The thickness is 5cm (2 inches)

The Amber,Purple, black & Mid Blue knee mats are 50cm (19.5 inches) x 21cm (8.3 inches). The thickness is 7.5cm (3 inches)

These are our standard sizes. Get in touch if you have a required size or colour as we can create bespoke products for you!

*To retain your Propads Knee mats longevity only use warm water and a cloth if you need to clean them. Don't use abrasive detergents or heavy duty cleaning products

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